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Dogging in America

It has finally arrived, Dogging in America! A craze that has swept across Europe has now jumped the pond and can now be enjoyed in car parks across America. Let the dogging begin. The big question is which state will take up the mantle of being the home of Dogging in America? The early signs are Texas dogging will be a popular choice for the adventurous, while Dogging in Florida and California appear to have a growing number of dogging sites.


There is a real buzz around Dogging allowing men and women to completely lose their inhibitions and enjoy being doggers! If you want to meet other doggers in local car parks for a steamy sex session, this American dogging site will make it become a dogging reality. You can meet doggers in any State or Capital across the country who are looking to get hot and horny in car parks for the ultimate dogging sex party.