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London Dogging

Dogging is a sexual practice that's becoming increasingly popular in London. The act of dogging is seen as voyeuristic fun and refers to having sex or taking part in any sexual related activity in public places with the intention for others to watch and often join in! This term originated in the U.K in the early seventies and has snowballed to a worldwide sexual craze. Dogging usually happens during the night, carparks, parks and woods are popular places you can meet others for some late night antics.

The country's capital, London is full of brilliant dogging spots that are waiting to be uncovered, Mile End park never disappoints and Wandsworth Park is a favourite for many dogger locals.Shoreditch Park tennis court is a secret spot that's always alive when the suns down! The horny Walthamstow men and women will be happy to invite you to Copperhill Lane for some nights of pure frenzy. Where will you end up?

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You no longer need to keep dogging your little secret, you can chat openly on a safe and reliable site, with so many London doggers online it's easy to join the community and you can always be first to know about sessions that are happening near you, why wait any longer? Join in with dogging sessions tonight and have fun with horny London doggers.

Sound like fun? The London Dogging Site will give you endless opportunities! You can start talking to local men and women and build relations with them so you never miss a beat when it comes to the steamy dogging nights. We've got doggers from across the city, Hackney, Clapham and Kensington doggers are notorious and the Lewisham and Bow enthusiasts will always welcome you for a good time.

You can use unique chat features to meet other doggers and find out how close they are to you, be the first to know about naughty sex sessions every night of the week and get ready to take this lifestyle choice up a notch, you'll soon have likeminded doggers who want to meet up right at your fingertips.. Think of the possibilities.

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Best Dogging Sites in London

We all know that dogging sites can pop up at a moments notice, but here are a few of the more popular dogging locations in London to help get you started:

London Paddington Station

Dogging in London

That's obviously not how the movie goes, but if you're up for it, you might make your night whilst waiting for your train home after dark.

Dogging Facts

The men’s toilets in and around Paddington Station are known as a Gay Cruising area at night. 30p very well spent.

  • Good For: Gay Cruisers
  • Couples Welcome? Yes! Gay Couples
  • Popular Car: n/a

Green Park, London

Dogging in London

In central London and want to play dirty? Head to Green Park for some outrageously wild couple nights. Once the footfall has died down the doggers will come out to play.

Dogging Facts

You'll have to wait until it's quiet, which can take some time for Green Park, but give it a chance.

  • Good For: Straight Couples, Singles & Gay Cruisers
  • Couples Welcome? Yes

Alexandra Palace, London

Dogging in London

Alexandra Palace in London is an entertainment center. The highlights include some hot weekend dogging action by the ice rink carpark.

Dogging Facts

The car park by the Ice rink is frequented by couples and gay men from around 10pm to 1am. It's busier later in the week Thursday to Saturday.

  • Good For: Straight Couples, Singles & Gay Cruisers
  • Couples Welcome? Yes