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Dogging in Glasgow

In the recent times an exciting new trend related to sex and sexual activity has gaining popularity. This is known as dogging. This is used to describe the activity of having sex or sex related activity in public places. It has been found that couples enjoy having sex openly in the public place with onlookers looking at them. Even at some times the onlookers have been found to get involved in the sexual activity. The couples enjoying dogging are termed as doggers. Usually the doggers prefer the dark hours of the day for their activity. Usually deserted and secluded places are preferred by these people for their activity. The deserted industrial estates, deserted roads, lanes and by lanes, tube stations are the favorite spots for dogging in Glasgow.

The term dogging originated in the UK in the early seventies. Previously the term referred to men intervening into couples private moments, finding them in intimate situations. But with time the term changed to get its present meaning. A survey has found that couples enjoying sex in the public places enjoy the attention they get from the onlookers. The survey also revealed that the craze of dogging has rapidly increased and has spread to various other countries in the world. It has been found that the craze has spread to countries like U.S, Canada, New Zeeland, Australia and various other countries.

Dogging is also very common in England. Like the other places in England it is popular in Glasgow. The doggers here enjoy dogging Glasgow to the maximum limit. There are various popular dogging sites in Glasgow. These incudes Cathkin Braes on the little back road that takes you to East Kilbride. Parklea, Port Glasgow, Mugdock Country Park are the other popular dogging sites in Glasgow.

The doggers here have taken dogging Glasgow to a different level through great connectivity. They maintain a strong and rigid online presence via this site, through which they remain in touch with each other. Any kinds of ads related to the activity or any invitation for the same are posted online. As well as this site, dogging in Glasgow is maintained through mobile. Text messages are used to organize gatherings of their groups.

Glasgow Dogging runs on following certain rules and regulations to maintain the level of etiquettes.