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Dogging in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a popular area for dogging in the UK. Dogging is a new exciting trend in sexually related activities. This term came into existence in the early seventies. Originating in the UK, dogging literally means to follow. But here this term is used to refer to men or women who follow or dog couples to see them having sex. Generally these people are called doggers. Dogging is the practice of having sex or similar intimate activities in public places and in front of strangers. These public places can be in car parks, tube stations, lanes or any deserted place in the city. To those who practice dogging this is a source of voyeuristic fun, which they get by allowing others to see them having sex. Very often it has been found that the onlookers also get involved with the doggers they’re watching. This trend has spread in various parts of the country. There are various dogging sites in Edinburgh where dogging is carried on profoundly.

The various locations for dogging in the city of Edinburgh are Corstorphine, Kirkliston, Cramond, and Riccarton. These places are important spots for Edinburg dogging. Apart from these places another important dogging site in Edinburgh is Fairmilehead. This place has been found enormously popular amongst doggers. Information related to dogging in Edinburgh can be found on The Dogging Site.

The doggers of Edinburgh have been using this site as a forum for dogging, through which they maintain their etiquettes, rules and regulations. They have a huge contribution towards making dogging in Edinburgh safe, (one day) legal and enjoyable. Through this site the doggers can discuss about various issues related to the topic. Apart from that the forum provides them with useful information related to legal proceedings. Abiding by the rules and the guidelines provided by the forums the users can get benefited as per the legal terms. Another popular measure of organizing dogging has been found among the doggers. This is text messaging. The doggers through text messages maintain contact with each other and organize dogging nights.