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Dogging in Belfast

Are you wondering when this dogging has become so popular? Ok, the answer is the late 20th century in United Kingdom. This activity was in practice for several years, but recently, it is as popular as any other sexual activity in a lot of cities in UK as well as many other countries. In the similar way, Belfast dogging is a well-known phenomenon. But how do you know that dogging in Belfast is going on? In other words, what are the points that will help you to know that there is dogging activity happening? Ok! There are easy ways of recognizing other doggers! When entering a car park after dark for instance, the doggers use the flashing lights of their car to let you know they are up for action! When doggers are having sex in their cars and want voyeurs, they leave the interior light on, if they want you to join in, they will flash their lights and open the door. These rules are in many places similar, making the dogging experience all over England very clear!

There are several dogging sites in Belfast. First of all, the most popular place is Duncans Dam. It is a popular car park area where this dogging activity takes place after the dark. There is another area, called Giants Ring that is situated at the outskirts of Belfast city. This place is used both by gay and straight couples. There is lots of dogging activity every day, but Friday and Saturday nights are extremely special. Another popular dogging spot is the Belvoir Forrest. This place is big enough to accommodate all sorts of after dark action! There is action on the car park, as well as in the woods themselves.

Finding doggers in these places can be easy, or you will be there on your own if nothing is happening there that night. Facebook and mobile phones are a great way of finding out what is going on where. To keep up to date with the current favorite dogging locations join the fastest growing dogging site of England! Browse for free through the profiles of thousands of sex obsessed people. See what they are up to on their pictures or video’s. You can also contact them and find out where the action is going to be tonight!