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Dogging in the UK

Do you want to go Dogging in the UK? Dogging has really taken off in the UK with doggers enjoying meets in car parks all over the UK, dogging in the UK is becoming ever more popular. That desire to go dogging lives inside all of us, if you’re ready to admit your want to go dogging in the UK then this is one of the best dogging sites you will find.


As we grow from strength to strength we thought it was about time we started to shout about it! The Dogging Site has been operating for a while now and attracts 1000’s of new members each month, this alone shows the demand for dogging in the UK. We want to keep this going and have decided to put a list of the top UK dogging locations online, have a look at some of the top areas to go Dogging below:

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Best Dogging Spots