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Dogging is the sexual act that started in the seventies, the flirtatious doggers meet in public spaces and enjoy sex with other people, known as ‘doggers', with other watching and then joining in, you can imagine how naughty these nights can be. The wild fun lasts for hours and creates nights you never want to forget. This is a new level of voyeuristic fun and the UK dogging communities are always welcoming new people to join in with their movement.

Becoming a member of the Dogging Site will put you in touch with likeminded doggers who are always up for experimenting and exploring parts of the UK that only come alive once darkness descends.

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Chat openly with men and women about your fantasies and easily make them a reality by arranging epic nights with keen enthusiasts. It's never been so easy and with the close knit community found online, you'll never have to keep your dogging secrets to yourself.

You can discover new hotspots and recommend your favourite dogging sites to others, share your thoughts and dive head first into this kinky society. With The Dogging Site, you'll never have to miss out.

Dogging in England

Manchester and London's dogging communities are among the most wild, and the picturesque towns of England like Winchester and Brentwood certainly don't get left behind. They are bursting with dogging spots that are unlike any other, woodland, lay bys and nature parks are always popular and the steamy sex sessions are never ending. Where will you discover?

The desire for dogging is always one which is growing towards the mainstream, this site will point you in the right direction so you'll know about the safest places and you can befriend well known, experienced doggers to get your experience started on the right foot. Don't put off your desires, it's so easy to get what you want, when you want. You just need to know how. The Dogging Site is your key tool.

Dogging in the UK is really taking off, ITV's long running drama Downtown Abbey was recently in the press for being a top secret Cambridgeshire dogging spot and with views so incredible, who's surprised? There's plenty more top dogging spots you can enjoy, from historic landmarks to iconic views. Why would you stick to four walls when you could be having sex in the great outdoors?

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