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Dogging is a term referred to when people, known as ‘doggers' meet in a public place to have sex and enjoy sexual activity, usually happening at nightfall, other doggers are encouraged to watch so they can join in. It's no surprise that these nights become wild and the fun last for hours.

Sound like it could be for you? Would you like to become a member of The Dogging Site? You can start chatting with members near you and you'll be able to transform your wildest dreams into your very own reality. It couldn't be easier once you know how and The Dogging Site puts you in touch with the people that you could only ever dream of being acquainted with.

The sexual movement first started in the UK and showcases exhibitionism and voyeurism, since it's rise in the late seventies, it's becoming increasingly popular and the dogging craze has spread worldwide, with countries like Canada, New Zealand and Australia firmly cementing their enthusiasm into the dogging world. Ireland is also no stranger to the dogging world and you'll find hundreds of doggers already online with The Dogging Site.

Ireland has hundreds of top dogging spots, Galway, Dublin and Antrim are leaders with a huge community of kinky doggers but the smaller towns like Westport and Killarney certainly aren't shy in coming out with the public performances and wherever you are in Dublin, in just a few messages with The Dogging Site users, you can find out about your closest dogging spots, so you can get your fix anytime, anywhere.

Ireland has such a beautiful landscape and with the views as stunning and picturesque, it's obvious why doggers seek thrill having sex in public places, why should you be contained within 4 walls when you could be looking over the Ring of Kerry or The amazing Cliffs of Moher. Why have it another way?

If you're a keen dogger or maybe new and curious about what's out there, this a great place for you to come and explore. Chat with like minded men and women who enjoy connecting and finding out about the new dogging hotspots. You can share your favourite places whilst learning some of the naughtiest insider secrets that make for more intimate sessions.

The desire for dogging is growing stronger in the mainstream and it's never been a better time to join the dogging community. No longer do you need to keep your thoughts to yourself or suppress your darkest fantasies, now you can be part of an open minded community who love experimenting and pushing the boundaries.

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